Temperature Control Units

LAUDA offers a complete line of heating and cooling units: Immersion circulators, bath circulators, laboratory thermostats, heating circulator baths, refrigerated circulator baths, cryostats, sealed circulators and chillers as well as customized solutions.

Many models with cooling and heating capacities from 100 Watts up to 250 kW allow a professional scale up from research to production.

LAUDA has become the technology leader for high precision thermoregulation. LAUDA systems ensure precise temperature control in laboratories, pilot plants and production processes. The product range offers solutions for all thermoregulation tasks from -90 to +320°C.

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HKS  Industrial    Single Fluid     Heating and Cooling Systems

In accordance with the principle of “modular engineering”, HKS process cooling systems, heat transfer systems and secondary circuit systems are planned and built precisely according to customer‘s wishes: process-oriented, customized and with precision control,meeting the strictest safety standards.

For over 50 years LAUDA has been building and qualifying temperature control systems within a unique scope from -150 up to 550°C and the company leads the field in terms of reliability, service life, control accuracy, and quality.



Specialty Distillation:

Extraction,   Fractionation,   Wiped Film,   VLE & VLLE

Iludest specializes in thermodynamics and chemical engineering. We design systems and equipment for the chemical and related  industries using Extraction, Fractionation, Wiped Film and VLE & VLLE equipment.

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Glass & Glass Lined Reactor Systems

Soffieria Sestese products are designed and manufactured by expert technicians to satisfy our clients’ needs. We offer standard components and plants as well as custom designs and experimental solutions based on specifications given by the client.

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Specialty Distillation for the Oil Industry

Iludest specializes in thermodynamics and chemical engineering. We design systems and equipment for the petroleum industry conforming to the international standards ASTM D2892 True Boiling Point  TBP,     ASTM D5236 Potstill   and ASTM D1160

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