i-FISCHER Engineering® and Iludest design, develop and manufacture an extensive range of thermal process engineering products for the petrochemical and chemical industry. With decades of experience, in-depth subject knowledge and continuous product development, the company has the credentials to supply custom-built semi-automatic and fully-automatic laboratory installations and pilot plants that meet precise specifications.

i-Fischer specialize in thermodynamics and chemical engineering. We design systems and equipment for the petroleum industry conforming to the international standards ASTM D 2892, D 5236 and D 1160, but also configures one-off assemblies catering entirely to individual requirements, e.g. purifying lube oils, essential oils, industrial blended oils, etc.


FISCHER Engineering® offers a wide range of products of Process Engineering Systems and Pilot Plants for the Petrochemical Industry:

  • Fully or partly Computer controlled Single or Combined Distillation Systems according to ASTM standards
  • Distillation- and Extraction Systems
  • Film Evaporator Systems
  • Heat Transfer Systems
  • Ab- / Desorption Units
  • Pilot Plants for Simulating Refinery Towers
  • Pilot Plants for Extracting Crude Oils with Light (Deasphalting) and Heavy Solvents
  • Reaction Units
  • Adiabatic Catalyst Reforming
  • Thermal Cracking Micro Reactors
  • Pilot Plant Units for Solid-Liquid Extraction
  • Delayed Coking and Visbreaking
  • Flash Equilibrium
  • Ozone Technology


On the reactor field we cooperate exclusively with RTI Engineering Ltd. / Korea and provide pilot plants for:

  • Catalytic Reforming
  • Catalyst Testing
  • Fluidized Catalyst Cracking
  • Hydrocracking / Hydrorefining
  • Continuous Reaction
  • CO2-Reformer
  • Supercritical Extraction
  • Delayed Coking and Visbreaking