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Huber Thermal Fluids Inventory Sale


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Order Number Description  Temperature Range Sale Price
6161  SilOil M20.195/235.20, 5L -20C to 195C (up to 235C in closed systems) $366
6162  SilOil M20.195/235.20, 10L -20C to 195C (up to 235C in closed systems) $680
6155 Min Oil P20.190.40, 5L 20C to 190C $170
6158 Sil Oil P20.275.50, 10L 20C to 275C $680
6165 Sil Oil M60.115/200.05, 5L -60C to 115C (up to 200C in closed systems) $365
6259 Sil Oil M90.055/170.03, 10LHigh performance for low temperatures -90C to 55C $882
6673 DW-Therm HT, P20.340.32, 10L 20C to 340C $605
6276 Sil Oil M80.100.03, 10L -80C to 100C $882






Unused, older models still available!



Part Number Description (Click on unit for specs) List Price -Equivalent New Model Sale Price
2016.0010.04 Ministat 240-cc, 240V $9,630 $4,815
2026.0006.04 cc-902  460V $27,075 $17,075
3007.0007.99 UC006 , 230V $5,350 $2,675
3009.0051.99 UC015 MPC – Plus 208V $9,044 $4,522
Unistat 141w, 440V $36,670 $21,033


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